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Symfony bundle for Mongrate

1.7.1 2016-06-27 18:21 UTC


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Mongrate Bundle

A Symfony bundle for Mongrate.

Installation and Use

Please see the documentation on


Please submit pull requests on GitHub:

Install PHP-CS-Fixer:

sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/php-cs-fixer

Install the Git pre-commit hook:

ln -s ../../resources/pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod a+x .git/hooks/pre-commit

To run the tests:


Test apps for different Symfony versions

In the test-app directory, there is an app with several composer.json files, one per Symfony version (currently 2.5, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.1). To install the test-app dependencies, run test-app/bin/composer-install. You can then test Mongrate bundle commands like this:

SYMFONY_VERSION=3.1 test-app/bin/run-command mongrate:list-migrations
SYMFONY_VERSION=2.5 test-app/bin/run-command mongrate:up-all