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Getting Started

Before you can begin working on your PHP code, you'll need to configure your application settings with Box. To start your application configuration, follow these instructions.

Make sure to select OAuth 2.0 with JWT (Server Authentication) for Authentication Method.

Also make sure to give your application the permissions to handle files and folders. For the purpose of the included examples, permission should be given to read and write files and perform actions as users.

After you've created/generated your RSA keypair, download your app configuration JSON file.

Configure Your Local Setup

Clone the project to your local computer.

Make a copy of (in the project root directory) and save it as box.config.php. Fill out the missing values from your downloaded configuration JSON file.

jwtPrivateKey is the path to your private key you created/generated earlier. For example, if your private key, pkey.pem, is in your local project directory, you'll set it like this:

return array(
    "clientId" => "<clientId>",
    "clientSecret" => "<clientSecret>",
    "enterpriseId" => "<enterpriseId>",
    "jwtPrivateKey" => __DIR__ . "/pkey.pem",
    "jwtPrivateKeyPassword" => "<passphrase>",
    "jwtPublicKeyId" => "<publicKeyID>",

Install dependencies (assuming you already have Composer installed).

composer install

Run an Example

Examples are stored in the examples folder in the project root directory. To run the example to retrieve an access token, execute the following from the project root directory:

php ./examples/exAuthGetAccessToken.php

This will return something like the following:

Access Token: BrTUlJQ55EhpAZFXYmJXXfZxuCvM5uq1

Examples dealing with files and folders will impersonate a Box user. You'll need to open the example file and fill in the email for $userLogin.

$userLogin = '';

Starting Your Project

Simply include your autoloader and the helpers/helpers.php as in bootstrap/autoload.php. Once you've done that, use the examples to help you get started. A good example to get started with is examples/exAuthGetAccessToken.php.

Run Tests

Make a copy of example.phpunit.xml as phpunit.xml Open up phpunit.xml and fill out AS_USER_EMAIL with the Box user account login email. This is the account the tests will impersonate.

        <env name="APP_ENV" value="testing"/>
        <env name="CONFIG" value="box.config.php"/>
        <env name="AS_USER_EMAIL" value=""/>

Run the tests.


You should get an output like this:

PHPUnit 7.0.1 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

............                                                      12 / 12 (100%)

Time: 58.06 seconds, Memory: 6.00MB