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Framework agnostic library for generating (secure) token objects.

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Framework agnostic PHP library for generating (secure) token objects.

What does it do?

At some point every application has to deal with tokens and the two distinct areas that come with it:

  1. generating the (secure) tokens
  2. handling the business logic around them

This library offers a drop-in solution for the first area by introducing standardized Token objects ready for use in your application, basically saving you a lot of work and allowing you to focus on what matters most; the business logic.

Because the library follows the Adapter Pattern you can easily create your own token-specific generator if the included ones don't meet your requirements.


  • PHP >=5.6 / HHVM


  1. Install the plugin using composer:

    composer require alt3/tokens


Token Objects

This main responsibility of this library is producing Token objects similar to the one shown below. Because of the standardized structure these objects are capable of storing any kind of token ranging from (OTP) passwords to SMS pin codes, coupon codes and JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

Alt3\Tokens\RandomBytesToken Object
    [adapter:protected] => Alt3\Tokens\Adapters\RandomBytesAdapter Object
            [length:protected] => 32
            [function:protected] => Array
                    [PHP 5.x native] => openssl_random_pseudo_bytes


    [token:protected] => 2affc51354bf23ac634bac894a1c38db
    [category:protected] => password-reset
    [payload:protected] => 
    [lifetime:protected] => +3 days
    [created:protected] => DateTimeImmutable Object
            [date] => 2017-02-06 13:53:25.000000
            [timezone_type] => 3
            [timezone] => UTC

    [expires:protected] => DateTimeImmutable Object
            [date] => 2017-02-09 13:53:25.000000
            [timezone_type] => 3
            [timezone] => UTC

Using the RandomBytesAdapter

Use the RandomBytesAdapter to generate cryptographically secure tokens suitable for e.g. One Time Passwords (OTP), salts, keys or initialization vectors.

PHP 5.x users are strongly advised to install the paragonie/random_compat polyfill composer package to ensure generated tokens are truly secure.

To use :

  1. include the RandomBytes convenience class
  2. instantiate an object (automatically generates the token)
  3. optionally alter the token object using one of the supported methods
use Alt3\Tokens\RandomBytesToken;

$token = new RandomBytesToken(); 
print $token->getToken(); // b96b7826c75485b10518a36e2ca94860

$token = new RandomBytesToken(12); // 2109028d9bac

$token = new RandomBytesToken(12, true); // ����Wz

$token->setLifetime('+30 minutes');
print $token->getExpires(); // DateTimeImmutable


$token->setPayload('{"email": ""}');

Using the RandomIntAdapter

Use the RandomIntAdapter to generate cryptographically random integers that are suitable for e.g. SMS pin codes.

PHP 5.x users are strongly advised to install the paragonie/random_compat polyfill composer package to ensure generated tokens are truly secure.

use Alt3\Tokens\RandomIntToken;

$token = new RandomIntToken(0, 10);
print $token->getToken(); // 6

$token = new RandomIntToken(100000, 999999); // 625048

Using the ManualAdapter

The ManualAdapter allows you to generate a Token object using a token value you already have. Useful for e.g. coupon codes or representing JWT tokens as JSON API resources.

use Alt3\Tokens\ManualToken;

$token = new ManualToken('SPRING2017');
print $token->getToken(); // SPRING2017

Token Methods

Getter methods:

  • getToken(): retrieves the token property (string)
  • getCategory(): retrieves the category property (string)
  • getLifetime(): retrieves the lifetime property (DateTime::modify supported string)
  • getPayload(): retrieves the payload property (mixed)
  • getCreated(): retrieves the created property (DateTimeImmutable)
  • getExpires(): retrieves the expires property (DateTimeImmutable)
  • toArray(): returns an array containing all token properties and their content

Setter methods:

  • setCategory(): sets the category property (string)
  • setPayload(): sets the payload property (string, arrays, objects, etc.)
  • setLifetime(): sets the lifetime property AND updates the expires property (DateTime::modify supported string)

Creating Custom Adapters

To start generating your own custom tokens simply create a custom Adapter similar to the one shown below.

namespace App\Adapters;

use Alt3\Tokens\Adapters\AdapterInterface;

class CustomAdapter implements AdapterInterface
    protected $argument;

    // Use the constructor to pass arguments to the token generator
    public function __construct($argument)
        $this->argument = $argument;

    public function generate()
        return 'custom-token-with-' . $this->argument;

Now generate your own tokens using:

use App\Adapters\CustomAdapter;

$token = new Token(new CustomAdapter('spice'));
print $token->getToken(); // custom-token-with-spice

Feel free to PR your Adapter if you think others could find it useful.


Before submitting a PR make sure: