Comment module for Anax.

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This is a comment module for use with Anax. The module contains provides login/logout and CRUD functionality for users, admins and comments.


Install with composer

composer require almrooth/comment


The comment module uses a MYSQL-database for storage. Make sure you have one installed.

Make sure you have a configuration file for your database. There is a sample to use in vendor/almrooth/comment/config/database.php.

To setup all tables for use with the module execute the code in vendor/almrooth/comment/sql/setup.sql.

Router files

Copy the router files to your config/route.

rsync -av vendor/almrooth/comment/config/route/* config/route/

Inlcude the routes in your router configuration config/route.php. There is a sample to use in vendor/almrooth/comment/config/route.php.

DI services

Add the required services to DI, config/di.php. There is a sample to use in vendor/almrooth/comment/config/di.php.

Make sure that all services that are in the sample file are added to your DI.


The comment module ships with its own default views. Copy them to your view directory.

rsync -av vendor/almrooth/comment/view/* view/


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 Tobias Almroth (