Symfony2 Ajax Datagrid Bundle for doctrine2 entities

v2.1.0 2016-01-11 11:02 UTC

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Last update: 2022-05-08 18:22:07 UTC


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The Datatable bundle for symfony2 allow for easily integration of the jQuery Datatable plugin with the doctrine2 entities having twitter bootstrap theme. This bundle provides a way to make a projection of a doctrine2 entity to a powerful jquery datagrid. It mainly includes:

  • datatable service container: to manage the datatable as a service.
  • twig extension: for view integration.
  • dynamic pager handler : no need to set your pager.
  • default action link builder: if activated, the bundle generates default edit/delete links.
  • support doctrine2 association.
  • support of doctrine query builder.
  • support of column search.
  • support of custom twig/phpClosure renderers.
  • support of custom grouped actions.
  • datatable configuration javascript code (even for multiple datatables) is grouped, minimized and moved to the bottom of the html body element automatically.
  • twitter bootstrap integration.

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