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Helper function for simplification callbacks

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Helper function for simplify callbacks.

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$ composer require alexeyshockov/colada-x


With ColadaX:

$activeUsers = array_filter($users, \Colada\x()->isActive());
$role = 'ADMIN';
$administrators = array_filter($users, \Colada\x()->hasRole($role));

Instead of pure PHP:

$activeUsers = array_filter($users, function ($user) {
    return $user->isActive();
$role = 'ADMIN';
$activeUsers = array_filter($users, function ($user) use ($role) {
    return $user->hasRole($role);

Useful together

Some code examples for your imagination.

Laravel 5 Collections

$activeUsers = $users->filter(\Colada\x()->isActive());

PHP Collection (schmittjoh/php-collection)

$activeUsers = $users->filter(\Colada\x()->isActive());

functional-php (lstrojny/functional-php)

The library already has partial_method function, but it's less powerful.

use Functional as F;

$activeUsers = F\select($users, \Colada\x()->isActive());

Less useful, but still

Doctrine 2 Collections (Symfony 2, Doctine 2 ORM, etc.)

// __asClosure() is needed because all Doctrine's methods accept only \Closure instances :(
$hasActiveUsers = $users->exists(\Colada\x()->isActive()->__asClosure());

Laravel 4 Collections

The same problem as described above with Doctrine.


If you need only the basic functionaly, take a look at invoke(), invoke_first(), invoke_if(), invoke_last(), invoker() from a great functional-php library.