Functional primitives for PHP

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NOTE: functional-php used to come with a C extension that implemented most of the functions natively. As the performance differences weren’t that huge compared to the maintenance cost it has been removed.

A set of functional primitives for PHP, heavily inspired by Scala’s traversable collection, Dojo’s array functions and Underscore.js

  • Works with arrays and everything implementing interface Traversable
  • Consistent interface: for functions taking collections and callbacks, first parameter is always the collection, then the callback. Callbacks are always passed $value, $index, $collection. Strict comparison is the default but can be changed
  • Calls 5.3 closures as well as usual callbacks
  • All functions reside in namespace Functional to not raise conflicts with any other extension or library

Functional Comic

Installation with composer

Put the require statement for functional-php in your composer.json file and run php composer.phar install:

    "require": {
        "lstrojny/functional-php": "~1.2"


Read the docs

Installing dependencies

To install all dependencies type composer install

Running the test suite

To run the test suite type composer run tests

Mailing lists

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