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Bundle for better dependency injection with Symfony commands


As simple as running a command in your terminal:

composer require alchemy/lazy-command-bundle.

Of course, you will also need to have Composer installed beforehand.


Just add the bundle to your kernel. For now, it's zero-config, hassle free proxy goodness.


Using commands as services in Symfony can be quite a pain as soon as your dependencies start using connections to various resources (database, message queues, what not...), as all commands have to be instantiated in order for a Symfony Console application to run properly.

This bundle is an attempt to solve this by replacing all the service dependencies of your commands by lazy proxies (using the excellent ProxyManager library), ensuring that external resources are only acquired as needed.

Another approach could be to mark the dependencies of your commands as lazy using Symfony DI's built-in features, but this approach is not optimal when your dependencies are re-used in multiple contexts (ie, a service that is used both by a console application and a web application) and a proxy is not required (or worse, is a performance penalty) in all contexts.

How it works

The bundle adds a compiler pass to your service container's build process, replacing all service references by lazy proxies for services that are tagged with the console.command tag.

There is no performance penalty in HTTP contexts (unless you actually use your commands in your controllers, but you probably have bigger issues to worry about then).

There are no benchmarks for now, but proxifying your command dependencies is probably cheaper than actually acquiring external resources that won't be used.


  • Add configuration settings to "lazify" commands on an on-demand basis
  • Proxify dependencies used in setter injections
  • Add LICENCE (which is MIT in case you're wondering)
  • Add tests
  • Add CI (Travis, Scrutinizer)
  • Add badges
  • Add library to packagist
  • Create first release