Apigility module providing XML content-negotiation features

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Last update: 2024-05-05 20:15:05 UTC


This is an Apigility module to provide XML content-negotiation features. It allows for the rendering of payloads in XML and HAL+XML formats. It also supports ingesting HTTP bodies that are in XML format if the content-type is application/xml

The response type is based on Accept header:

  • application/xml (or application/*+xml) renders content in XML
  • application/hal+json (or application/*+json) renders content in HalJson.


  1. Install the module using composer:

     $ composer require akrabat/apigility-xml
  2. Add Akrabat\ApigilityXml to modules.config.php:

     return [
  3. In the Apigility admin, select your API and change Content Negotiation Selector to HalJsonXML

  4. Add application/xml to Accept whitelist and Content-Type whitelist. Add other headers if needed.

  5. Save configuration


This module is a fork of https://github.com/diegograssato/apigility-xml-negotiation which appears to be a fork of https://github.com/zpetr/apigility-xmlnegotiation which was inspired by the https://github.com/markushausammann's ApigilityXml.

Thanks to everyone who came before me!