PHP Classes to allow data placement in a grid structure and exporting in various data formats.

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There will be no new features added to this project. Use for new projects is not advised.

This package is a PHP object-oriented solution for modelling data in two (rows + columns) or three dimensions (rows + columns + pages). It can be thought of like a spreadsheet.

It allows a single data class ExportData to be used to organize your data in a grid, with various output styles Exporter so you can easily get a .csv file or a .xlsx file, among many others.

See the code for more documentation.


  1. Please install necessary dependencies using Composer.
  2. Navigate to the root of this package and type: composer install


  1. Refer to the Doxygene documentation included in this package.

Automated Tests


  1. Run the PhpUnit tests using phpunit.xml in the directory tests/phpunit/

Legacy: Simpletest

  1. Ensure you have downloaded a copy of simpletest as tests/simpletest/simpletest/ directory.

  2. Run php all_tests.php from the CLI using a supported PHP version.

  3. You should see:

     Test cases run: 1/1, Passes: 32, Failures: 0, Exceptions: 0

Example Usage

Building a data object

In this example we'll build a 2 paged model, the first page contains two columns (names and ages) of three people. The second page will contain two rows of vehicle information (color and make).

$obj = new ExportData();

// By default we're on page 0, row 0.
$obj->add('Name', 'Aaron')->add('Age', 39)->next();
$obj->add('Name', 'Hillary')->add('Age', 37)->next();
$obj->add('Name', 'Maia')->add('Age', 7)->next();

// Switch to page 1; we'll be placed on row 0 when the new page is created.
$obj->add('Color', 'Black')->add('Make', 'Subaru')->next();
$obj->add('Color', 'White')->add('Make', 'Hyundai')->next();

Accessing data from the object

$obj->setPage(0)->setPointer(0)->getValue('Name') === 'Aaron'
$obj->getValue('Name') === 'Aaron'
$obj->setPointer(2)->getValue('Name') === 'Maia'
$obj->setPointer(0)->get() === array('Name' => 'Aaron', 'Age' => 39)

$obj->setPage(1)->setPointer(1)->getValue('Color') === 'White'

Exporting data to other formats

And now to get that as a CSV file we do...

$exporter = new CSVExporter($obj);
$csv_string = $exporter->export();

Or to get it as JSON...

$exporter = new JSONExporter($obj);
$json_string = $exporter->export();

Or any of the other exporter classes.

Saving to File

use AKlump\LoftDataGrids\XLSXExporter;

$exporter = new XLSXExporter($obj, 'users');


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