Symfony bundle for for managing flash messages

1.5.0 2015-06-30 10:13 UTC


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The AJT Flash Bundle will manage the use of Symfony flash messages with a simple API.


Inject the Flash service into any service

<argument type="service" id="ajt.flash" />

Use it in service

class MyClass

    private $flash;

    public function __construct(FlashInterface $flash)
        $this->flash = $flash;

    public function goThings()
        $this->flash->success("Well done");

Use the twig function in your template,

{{ ajt_flash() }}

Or if you want to only display some types of message

{{ ajt_flash('error') }}

Standard Types

By default the Flash bundle will support the standard bootstrap alert types.

// Set a custom type

$flash->set('my message', 'myType');

// Bootstrap
$flash->success('my message');
$flash->error('my message');
$flash->info('my message');
$flash->warning('my message');

Custom Css

Custom css classes can be set by modifying config.

	default_class: alert # Added to every flash
	# CSS to add to the standard flash types - default to bootstrap
		success: alert-success
		error: alert-danger
		info: alert-info
		warning: alert-warning
	# Add a custom flash type called myType with the css myCss
			type: myType
			css: myCss