A dependency free, lightweight PHP class that acts as wrapper for Asana API. Lets make things fast and easy! :)

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A dependency free, lightweight PHP class that acts as wrapper for Asana API.
Lets make things fast and easy! :)


Choose your favourite flavour

  • Download the php class from Github.
  • Or use Packagist PHP package manager.

Finally require the asana.php file.

Working with the class

First declare the asana class

$asana = new Asana([
    'personalAccessToken' => 'GET_IT_FROM_ASANA'

Optionally you can pass an accessToken instead of a personalAccessToken if you use OAuth. Read Using Asana Oauth Tokens below for more info.

Creating a task

   'workspace' => '176825', // Workspace ID
   'name' => 'Hello World!', // Name of task
   'assignee' => 'bigboss@bigcompany.com', // Assign task to...
   'followers' => ['3714136', '5900783'] // We add some followers to the task... (this time by ID)

Creating a task for another assignee than yourself will mark the task as private by default. This results in the task not being available for modification through the API anymore. Take a look at the API Reference for more fields of the Task you can directly pass to createTask.

Adding task to project


Commenting on a task

$asana->commentOnTask('MY_BEAUTIFUL_TASK_ID', 'Please please! Don\'t assign me this task!');

Getting projects in all workspaces


Updating project info

$asana->updateProject('COOL_PROJECT_ID', [
    'name' => 'This is a new cool project!',
    'notes' => 'At first, it wasn\'t cool, but after this name change, it is!'

Do more

There are a lot more methods to do almost everything with asana.

See the examples inside examples folder, read the comments on the class file for class magic and read Asana API documentation if you want to be a master.

If a method returned some data, you can always retrieve it by calling.


If you miss some functionality, open a pull request and it will be merged as soon as possible.

Enjoy ;D

Using Asana OAuth tokens

To use this API, you can also create an App on Asana to get an oAuth access token, then include the class:


Declare the oAuth class as:

$asanaAuth = new AsanaAuth('YOUR_APP_ID', 'YOUR_APP_SECRET', 'CALLBACK_URL');
$url = $asanaAuth->getAuthorizeUrl();

Where YOUR_APP_ID, YOUR_APP_SECRET and CALLBACK_URL you get from your App's details on Asana. Now, redirect the browser to the result held by $url. The user will be asked to login & accept your app, after which the browser will be returned to the CALLBACK_URL, which should process the result:

$code = $_GET['code'];

And you will receive an object with the access token and a refresh token The token expires after one hour so you can refresh it doing the following:


For a more detailes instructions on how to make oauth work check the example in examples/oauth.php


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