ZF2 View helper plugin for SensioLabsInsight.

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ZF2 View helper plugin for SensioLabsInsight.

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Installation of this module uses composer. For composer documentation, please refer to

  1. Install the module via composer by running:

    php composer.phar require aist/aist-insights

    or download it directly from github and place it in your application's module/ directory.

  2. Add the AistInsights module to the module section of your config/application.config.php


Required Insight project key.

echo $this->insight('project_key', ['badge_size' => Insight::SIZE_BIG, 'linked' => true], ['class' => 'pull-right']);
echo $this->insight('project_key', [], ['class' => 'pull-right']);
echo $this->insight('project_key', Insight::OPTIONS, ['class' => 'pull-right']);

each one will render the HTML below:

<a href="{project_key}">
<img src="{project_key}/{size}.png" class="pull-right">

Available sizes: big, small, mini.


  • badge_size big
  • linked true
  • secure true


  • Add tests