Anax weather module.

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License: MIT
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You can use this module, together with an Anax installation, to enable a scaffolded Weather report.

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Install as Anax module

This is how you install the module into an existing Anax installation.

Install using composer.

composer require aisa18/weather

You will have to modify your composer file, by adding the following line to the autoload section under like this.

"autoload": {
        "psr-4": {"Anax\\": "src/"
                  "Aisa\\": "src/"}

Once you have modified the composer file, you will need to do composer Update.

composer update

Install using scaffold postprocessing file

The module supports a postprocessing installation script, to be used with Anax scaffolding. The script executes the default installation, as outlined above.

bash vendor/aisa18/weather/.anax/scaffold/postprocess.d/100_weather.bash

The postprocessing script should be run after the composer require is done.

Install and setup Anax

You need a Anax installation, before you can use this module. You can create a sample Anax installation, using the scaffolding utility anax-cli.

Scaffold a sample Anax installation anax-site-develop into the directory rem.

$ anax create site ramverk1-me-v2
$ cd site


This is a Anax module and primarly intended to be used together with the Anax framework.


This software carries a MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

..:  Copyright (c) 2019 Wissam Sawah (