This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Container/Content extension for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions

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Aimeos file container extension

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The Aimeos container extension contains additonal container/content implementations for exporting and importing files.

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As every Aimeos extension, the easiest way is to install it via composer. If you don't have composer installed yet, you can execute this string on the command line to download it:

php -r "readfile('');" | php -- --filename=composer

Add the container extension name to the "require" section of your composer.json (or your composer.aimeos.json, depending on what is available) file:

"require": [
    "aimeos/ai-container": "dev-master",

Afterwards you only need to execute the composer update command on the command line:

composer update

If your composer file is named "aimeos.composer.json", you must use this:

COMPOSER=composer.aimeos.json composer update

These commands will install the Aimeos extension into the extension directory and it will be available immediately.


Containers provide a single interface for handling container and content objects. They could be anything that can store one or more content objects (e.g. files) like directories, Zip files or PHPExcel documents. Content objects can be any binary or text file, CSV files or spread sheets.

There's a fine documentation for working with containers available. The basic usage can be also found below.

Export data to a container

$container = MW_Container_Factory::getContainer( '/tmp/myfile', 'PHPExcel', 'PHPExcel', array() );

$content = $container->create( 'mysheet' );
$content->add( array( 'val1', 'val2', ... ) );
$container->add( $content );


Read data from a container

$container = MW_Container_Factory::getContainer( '/tmp/myfile.xls', 'PHPExcel', 'PHPExcel', array() );

foreach( $container as $content ) {
    foreach( $content as $data ) {
        print_r( $data );



The Aimeos container extension is licensed under the terms of the LGPLv3 Open Source license and is available for free.