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Easy Redirect Bundle

This bundle adds entities for redirects and 404 errors.

For redirects, 404 errors are intercepted and the requested path is looked up. If a match is found it redirects to the found redirect's destination. The count and last accessed date are updated as well. A redirect form type and validation is available as well.

404 errors can be logged as well. Each 404 error is it's own record in the database. The path, full URL, timestamp, and referer are stored. Storing each error as a separate record allows viewing statistics over time and seeing all the referer URLs. When a redirect is created or updated, 404 records that match it's path are deleted.


Repository Branch Version Symfony Compatibility PHP Compatibility Status
2.x 2.x 5.4, and 6.x 8.0.2 or higher New features and bug fixes
1.x 1.x 4.4, and 5.x 7.2.5 or higher No longer maintained

Installation with Symfony Flex

Add our recipes endpoint

  "extra": {
    "symfony": {
      "endpoint": [
      "allow-contrib": true

Install with composer

composer require agence-adeliom/easy-redirect-bundle

Setup database

Using doctrine migrations

php bin/console doctrine:migration:diff
php bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate


php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


Manage redirect in your Easyadmin dashboard

Go to your dashboard controller, example : src/Controller/Admin/DashboardController.php


namespace App\Controller\Admin;

use Adeliom\EasyRedirectBundle\Admin\EasyRedirectTrait;

class DashboardController extends AbstractDashboardController
    use EasyRedirectTrait;

    public function configureMenuItems(): iterable
        yield from $this->configRedirectEntry();



# config/packages/easy_redirect.yaml
    redirect_class:     ~ # Required and must be an instance of "Adeliom\EasyRedirectBundle\Entity\Redirect"
    not_found_class:    ~ # Required and must be an instance of "Adeliom\EasyRedirectBundle\Entity\NotFound"
    model_manager_name: ~ # If a custom model manager is used by default its 'default'

    # When enabled, when a redirect is updated or created, the NotFound entites with a matching path are removed.
    remove_not_founds: true




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