Use Psr17Factories to dispatch PSR-15 middleware packages. Default Psr17Factory is Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory

3.0.1 2019-05-30 01:41 UTC


A fork of Middlewares\Utils package after they removed support and tests for Nyholm\Psr7.

This fork also upgrades PHPUnit to 8.1+, requires PHP7.2+ and drops support for GuzzleHttp, Slim/Http and Zend Diactoros. The versions of these Http libraries in Middlewares\Utils were quite old anyways, and many of those libraries will soon have their own Psr17 implementations anyways

Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory was chosen due to it's performance compared the other Psr7 implementations


Used to create psr-7 instances of ServerRequestInterface, ResponseInterface, StreamInterface and UriInterface. Comes with support for Nyholm/psr7 out of the box, but you can register any different factory using the psr/http-factory interface.

use Affinity4\MiddlewareFactory\Factory;

$request = Factory::createServerRequest('GET', '/');
$response = Factory::createResponse(200);
$stream = Factory::createStream('Hello world');
$uri = Factory::createUri('');

// By default MiddlewareFactory uses Nyholm\Psr7\Factory\Psr17Factory,
// but you can change it and add other classes
use Acme\Psr17Factory as AcmePsr17Factory

// And also register directly an initialized factory
Factory::setResponseFactory(new FooResponseFactory());

$fooResponse = Factory::createResponse();

// Get the PSR-17 factory used
$uriFactory = Factory::getUriFactory();
$uri = $uriFactory->createUri('');


Minimalist PSR-15 compatible dispatcher

use Affinity4\MiddlewareFactory\Dispatcher;

$response = Dispatcher::run([
    new Middleware1(),
    new Middleware2(),
    new Middleware3(),
    function ($request, $next) {
        $response = $next->handle($request);
        return $response->withHeader('X-Foo', 'Bar');


To resolve and execute a callable. It can be used as a middleware, server request handler or a callable:

use Affinity4\MiddlewareFactory\CallableHandler;

$callable = new CallableHandler(function () {
    return 'Hello world';

$response = $callable();

echo $response->getBody(); //Hello world


General purpose exception used to represent HTTP errors

use Affinity4\MiddlewareFactory\HttpErrorException;

$exception = HttpErrorException::create(500, [
    'problem' => 'Something bad happened',

// Additional context can be get and set on the exception
$context = $exception->getContext();


Common utilities shared between many middlewares like the ability to customize PSR-17 factories

  • HasResponseFactory
  • HasStreamFactory

What Next

  • Code style cleanup
  • More tests to improve code coverage using @covers annotation to reduce false positives and ensure isolation of tests

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information