Laminas Mezzio helper class to load routes files and pipelines.

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When building a medium to large applications on Laminas Mezzio is better if you can organize your routes. By default mezzio define all the routes in the routes.php file under the config directory. For me is better if you can at least organize the routes by modules of routes prefix. For example routes.web.php for all the web routes and routes.api.php for all the api routes.


$ composer require adrosoftware/lmrp-loader

The public/index.php file by default look like this:



// Delegate static file requests back to the PHP built-in webserver
if (PHP_SAPI === 'cli-server' && $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] !== __FILE__) {
    return false;

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

 * Self-called anonymous function that creates its own scope and keep the global namespace clean.
(function () {
    /** @var \Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container */
    $container = require 'config/container.php';

    /** @var \Mezzio\Application $app */
    $app = $container->get(\Mezzio\Application::class);
    $factory = $container->get(\Mezzio\MiddlewareFactory::class);

    // Execute programmatic/declarative middleware pipeline and routing
    // configuration statements
    (require 'config/pipeline.php')($app, $factory, $container);
    (require 'config/routes.php')($app, $factory, $container);


Assuming you have config/routes.web.php and config/routes.api.php and so on, then replace:

(require 'config/routes.php')($app, $factory, $container);

With something like this:

(new \AdroSoftware\Lmrp\Loader('config/routes.*.php'))->load($app, $factory, $container);

Prefixing routes.

Since version 1.1 now you can use the name of the file to prefix the routes inside them. We create and inject a Prefixer class that behind the scenes uses the \Mezzio\Application $app to generate the routes.

For example let say you have routes.web.php and routes.api.php, in your index.php you use the prefix method instead of the load one, like this:

(new \AdroSoftware\Lmrp\Loader('config/routes.*.php'))->prefix($app, $factory, $container);

Then in your routes.web.php and routes.api.php you replace the definition of the anonymous function from

return static function (Application $app, MiddlewareFactory $factory, ContainerInterface $container): void


return static function (Application $app, MiddlewareFactory $factory, ContainerInterface $container, \AdroSoftware\Lmrp\Prefixer $prefixer = null): void 

Now you are ready to use the $prefixer instead of the $app to create the routes:

// `routes.api.php`
return static function (Application $app, MiddlewareFactory $factory, ContainerInterface $container, \AdroSoftware\Lmrp\Prefixer $prefixer = null): void {
    $app->get('/api/', Api\Handler\HomeHandler::class, 'api.home');
    // or
    $prefixer->get('/', Api\Handler\HomeHandler::class, 'api.home');

As you can see, you can avoid typing /api on all the routes.

NOTE: If you don't want to prefix your route with /api then you can just use \Mezzio\Application $app normally.


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