Provides a statsd client and simple ready-to-use support for #Symfony2 Application

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This bundle helps you to monitor your application.

It uses statsd-php-client as Client for the etsy/Statsd API.

It Includes

  • a Service, a Factory and an Entity callable by the DIC
  • a Monolog Handler
  • a series of Collectors in order to aggregate your personal data.
  • a series of Commands in order to execute data also from cli.

Simple usage!

     ->gauge('log.rate', 25)

Check out the documentation



Monitoring what is happening in your production Symfony2 application, with StatsD and Graphite.

Within this bundle you could use ready-to-go monitor for

  • Monolog

  • Amount of visitor

  • Logged vs Anonymous user

  • SQL: Verbs used (amount of select/set/update/upgrade/delete) (this feature is not suggested, please use a server monitor tool eg. nagios, munin)

  • Amount of PHP ram used

  • You could create your own using the Factory and the Service.

On dev env the data are not pushed to the socket but to syslog.

If debug mode is enabled no packet are sent over the udp socket, and you could see what's going on reading the syslog with tail -f /var/log/syslog

Mar 19 00:48:11 liuggio nginx: statsd-open
Mar 19 00:48:11 liuggio nginx: statsd-write "tvision.visitor:1|tvision.memory:43520|tvision.user.anonymous:1|tvision.query.start:1|tvision.query.insert:1|c" 118 Bytes
Mar 19 00:48:11 liuggio nginx: statsd-close

Note: by default in dev environment debug is true.

One UDP packet to rule them all

With a proper config file, your StatsD server will receive in a single upd packet:

prefix.visitor:1|c                  # Increment visitor
prefix.user.anonymous:1|c           # The visitor is not logged  # Stats by monolog with $this->get('logger')->error('user_action')

prefix.memory:4480|g                # The php memory peak was 4480 MB

prefix.exception.exception.500:1|c  # Exception occurred, the Exception code was 500

prefix.query.insert:1|c             # Query Insert|c             # Query Select

Short Theory and links

Vagrant StatSD and Graphite

see this blog post to install Easy install statsd graphite with vagrant.


StatsD is a simple daemon for easy stats aggregation


Graphite is a Scalable Realtime Graphing

The Client send data with UDP (faster)