This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

v1.0.2 2017-01-20 22:20 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-02-01 13:01:49 UTC


At this moment I don't have time, energy and money to maintain this project. But it's a shame so if you depend on this project and you want to become a sponsor or develop it further please don't hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, I am not able to guarantee bright future of this repo... :)

More awesome Monolog for Nette Framework

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This package is extending Kdyby\Monolog to make it more flexible, configurable and awesome.



composer require adeira/monolog

And register DI extension in config.neon:

	monolog: Adeira\Monolog\DI\MonologExtension

Default configuration

Package adeira/monolog brings a lot of formatters and processors by default. This means you can use them only by name. Here is the complete list of defaults:

	chromePHP: Monolog\Formatter\ChromePHPFormatter
	fluentd: Monolog\Formatter\FluentdFormatter
	gelfMessage: Monolog\Formatter\GelfMessageFormatter
	html: Monolog\Formatter\HtmlFormatter
	json: Monolog\Formatter\JsonFormatter
	line: Monolog\Formatter\LineFormatter
	loggly: Monolog\Formatter\LogglyFormatter
	mongoDB: Monolog\Formatter\MongoDBFormatter
	normalizer: Monolog\Formatter\NormalizerFormatter
	dcalar: Monolog\Formatter\ScalarFormatter
	wildfire: Monolog\Formatter\WildfireFormatter

	git: Monolog\Processor\GitProcessor
	introspection: Monolog\Processor\IntrospectionProcessor
	memoryPeakUsage: Monolog\Processor\MemoryPeakUsageProcessor
	memoryUsage: Monolog\Processor\MemoryUsageProcessor
	processId: Monolog\Processor\ProcessIdProcessor
	psrLogMessage: Monolog\Processor\PsrLogMessageProcessor
	tag: Monolog\Processor\TagProcessor
	uid: Monolog\Processor\UidProcessor
	web: Monolog\Processor\WebProcessor

		class: Monolog\Handler\ErrorLogHandler

		class: Kdyby\Monolog\Logger # including custom global handlers and processors

You DON'T have to copy paste this into your config file. This is just a quick reference so you can find what you want quickly.

Overriding configuration

Every formatter and processor uses default configuration if possible. If you want custom configuration, it's easy to override it like this:

		web: Monolog\Processor\WebProcessor(NULL, [
				ip: REMOTE_ADDR,
				userAgent: HTTP_USER_AGENT,

Changing global logger configuration and adding own loggers

As you already know - this package extends kdyby\monolog. And there is default global logger for whole application. You can configure it by using global name in loggers section. Another loggers will be registered independently (with name or anonymously):

			class: Adeira\Monolog\Handler\SlackHandler(
		global: # global logger from Kdyby (\Kdyby\Monolog\Logger)
			handlers: [slack]
			processors: [git, introspection, web]
		- class: Custom\Monolog\Loggers\UsersAuditLogger
		  handlers: [database]

This way you can setup a lot of loggers with different configuration (handlers, processors, formatter). Your custom loggers are like services in DI container so you can use autowiring to get them. Nothing special. Remember, that it's good idea to extend these custom loggers from \Monolog\Logger or even better from \Kdyby\Monolog\Logger.

Using Kdyby configuration options

Package adeira/monolog is not playing with Kdyby configuration so you can use it if you want to without changes:

	hookToTracy: yes
	registerFallback: yes
	usePriorityProcessor: yes

Awesome right? :)