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Use one of the below methods:

1 - Use composer to install the library and all its dependencies using the master branch:

composer require "addwiki/wikibase-api:dev-master"

2 - Create a composer.json file that just defines a dependency on version 0.7 of this package, and run 'composer install' in the directory:

    "require": {
        "addwiki/wikibase-api": "~0.7.0"

The tests can be run as follows:

phpunit -c tests/unit/

Example Usage

Below you will find some more examples using various parts of the code.

Please also take a look at our integration tests that might be able to help you!

use Mediawiki\Api\MediawikiApi;
use Mediawiki\Api\ApiUser;
use Wikibase\Api\WikibaseFactory;
use Mediawiki\DataModel\Revision;
use Wikibase\DataModel\ItemContent;
use Wikibase\DataModel\Snak\PropertyValueSnak;
use Wikibase\DataModel\Entity\PropertyId;
use DataValues\StringValue;
use Mediawiki\Api\UsageException;

// Load all of the things
require_once( __DIR__ . "/vendor/autoload.php" );

// Use the mediawiki api and Login
$api = new MediawikiApi( "http://localhost/w/api.php" );
$api->login( new ApiUser( 'username', 'password' ) );


// Create our Factory, All services should be used through this!
// If the wikibase you are accessing uses more or different datavalues they must be added here.
$dataValueClasses = array(
    'unknown' => 'DataValues\UnknownValue',
    'string' => 'DataValues\StringValue',
$services = new WikibaseFactory(
    new DataValues\Deserializers\DataValueDeserializer( $dataValueClasses ),
    new DataValues\Serializers\DataValueSerializer()

// Get 2 specific services
$getter = $services->newRevisionGetter();
$saver = $services->newRevisionSaver();

// Create a new Entity
$edit = new Revision(
    new ItemContent( Item::newEmpty() )
$saver->save( $edit );

// Set a label in the language en on the item Q87
$entityRevision = $getter->getFromId( 'Q87' );
$entityRevision->getContent()->getData()->setDescription( 'en', 'I am A description' );
$saver->save( $entityRevision );

// Create a new string statement on item Q777 if a statement for the property doesn't already exist
$revision = $services->newRevisionGetter()->getFromId( 'Q777' );
$item = $revision->getContent()->getData();
$statementList = $item->getStatements();
if( $statementList->getByPropertyId( PropertyId::newFromNumber( 1320 ) )->isEmpty() ) {
        new PropertyValueSnak(
            PropertyId::newFromNumber( 1320 ),
            new StringValue( 'New String Value' )

// Try to merge Q999 and Q888 if possible, catch any errors
    $services->newItemMerger()->merge( 'Q999', 'Q888' );
catch( UsageException $e ) {
    echo "Oh no! I failed to merge!";