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Kyew is a thin layer on top of your existing queue package allowing you to push tasks to the queue and await the task completing.

Some examples where this could be useful include:

  • Executing multiple tasks concurrently
  • Pushing resource intensive tasks to a more performant server



Await a single task

$task = $kyew->async(function () {
    // Do some slow I/O operation
    return 'foo';
$response = $task->await(); // (string) "foo"

Execute multiple tasks simultaneously

$google = $kyew->async(function () {
    return file_get_contents('');

$bbc = $kyew->async(function () {
    return file_get_contents('');

// Both closures have already started executing in the background

$google->await(); // (string) HTML source for Google's homepage 
$bbc->await(); // (string) HTML source for BBC's homepage 

How it Works

When tasks are passed to $task = $kyew->async($task), they are immediately handed off to the underlying queue package, along with an additional instruction to then store the task return value back into a persistance layer (eg. a database).

On calling $task->await(), we simply sit in a loop until either that value appears in the persistance layer, or until we reach the timeout threshold.


Kyew can be installed with Composer

composer require adamnicholson/kyew

Kyew has two dependencies:

The below example uses the InMemoryPubSub and SynchronousQueue queue - you should use implementations which suit your environment.

$pubsub = new Kyew\PubSub\InMemoryPubSub;
$kyew = new Kyew\Kyew(
    new Kyew\Queue\SynchronousQueue($pubsub)

$task = $this->kyew->async(function () {
    return 'Some return value!!!';
echo $task->await(); // string 'Some return value!!!'


Kyew::async(callable $task): Task

async accepts a single callable as its only parameter and will return an instance of Task.

$task = $kyew->async(function () {
    // Do some slow I/O operation
    return 'foo';

The callable is immediately handed to the queue library to be executed. The Task instance will listen to the queue process and be notified when the callable has finished executing.

Task::await(): void

await will block further code execution until the given Task has completed exectuing.

$response = $task->await();
echo $response; // (string) "foo"

Supported Queue Packages

  • IlluminateQueue: Execute tasks in Laravel's (Illuminate) queue package
  • SynchronousQueue: Execute tasks synchronously in the current process, mostly only used for testing

Supported persistence layers

  • DatabasePubSub: Store task return values in a PDO compatible SQL database
  • RedisPubSub: Store task return values in a redis server
  • InMemoryPubSub: Store task return values in an in-memory PHP array, mostly only used for testing


We welcome any contributions to Kyew. They can be made via GitHub issues or pull requests.


Kyew is licensed under the MIT License


Adam Nicholson -