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An enhanced UI and assistant for Drupal migrations. See

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What's this then?

This is a Drupal 9 module that provides a set of tools for accelerating a Drupal 7 → Drupal 9 migration.


  • Provides a React-based UI for performing Drupal 7 → 9 migrations
  • Migration Dashboard provides an overview of overall data migration progress
  • Supports Import/Rollback/Rollback and Import of migrations
  • Is smart about dependencies: dependencies must be imported first
  • Preview displays incoming content prior to importing
  • Messages pane allows viewing/filtering migration messages
  • Catches entity validation errors in addition to migration errors
  • and so much more! 😊

Specifying source database and files

Note: This step will no longer be required once the environment is generated from Acquia Cloud.

You only need to set the private file path if applicable.

Open your Drupal 9 site's sites/default/settings.php, create a new $databases['migrate'] entry (the key must be named migrate!), and specify the Drupal 7 source database. Also specify the base path for your Drupal 7 site (so that sites/default/files is a subdirectory). Like so:

    $databases['migrate']['default'] = array (
      'database' => 'my_d7_site_database',
      'username' => 'root',
      'password' => 'root',
      'prefix' => '',
      'host' => 'localhost',
      'port' => '3306',
      'namespace' => 'Drupal\\Core\\Database\\Driver\\mysql',
      'driver' => 'mysql',
    // The directory specified here must contain the directory specified in the
    // "file_public_path" Drupal 7 variable. Usually: "sites/default/files".
    $settings['migrate_source_base_path'] = '/web/vhosts/';
    // The directory specified here must contain the directory specified in the
    // "file_private_path" Drupal 7 variable. Usually outside the web root.
    $settings['migrate_source_private_file_path'] = '/somewhere/private';


I go to /acquia-migrate-accelerate/migrations I get "An unrecognized error occurred." What gives?!

This is normally caused by Drupal issuing a 500 error. Go to /admin/reports/dblog and see if that holds any clues. Another common troubleshooting step is to clear the cache. (Navigate to /admin/config/development/performance or run drush cr)

I'm getting a ton of "can't find files" errors when attempting to migrate Public files. HALP!

Remember that public files need the base path to the files directory (in other words, the parent directory of where the /files path resides), not the files directory itself.

I found something not listed here, or I have other feedback!

Please file a Zendesk ticket against the 'Beta Programs' ticket type.


Use of Acquia Migrate Accelerate is subject to the terms in the included LICENSE.txt and the included Subscription and Services Agreement.