Social Login/Register implementation using Laravel Socialite and AdminLTE Laravel package

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A Laravel 5 package for OAuth Social Login/Register implementation using Laravel socialite and (optionally) AdminLTE Laravel package.


Using adminlte laravel (recommended option)

Install AdminLTE Laravel package:

composer global require "acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer"
laravel new awesome
cd awesome
adminlte-laravel install
adminlte-laravel social

Then optionally you can boostrap you project in your favourite browser using:

llum boot

Using composer

Use Composer, in you Laravel project:

$ composer require acacha/laravel-social

Add service provider to providers array in your config/app.php file:


And run command:

php artisan make:social

To configure social network providers.

Finally modify your app views to add links to Social Login using link:{socialnetwork}


I recommend you to use AdminLTE Laravel Package for a full working Auth scaffolding with Adminlte bootstrap template. See previous section.

You can also use Laravel default Auth scaffolding running command:

php artisan make:auth

And manually add button/links to social Login/Register.


You can configure Social Providers with command:

php artisan acacha:social
 Which social network you wish to configure? [Github]:
  [0] Github
  [1] Facebook
  [2] Google
  [3] Twitter
  [4] Linkedin
 > 0
  Configuring social network Github...
  Please register a new OAuth app for Github. Go to URL
  Then ask the following questions:
   OAuth client id?:
   > 3a1fg6ac5437f9f4cebd
   OAuth client secret?:
   > 5919185e3fb7024e5b10cedce5cce408893224d         
   OAuth client redirect URL? [http://localhost:8080/auth/github/callback]:
  File /home/sergi/Code/socialAdminLTEtest/config/services.php updated.
  Github added to config/services.php file
   Do you wish to configure other social networks? (yes/no) [yes]: 

This wizard will adapt your .env and config/services.php files to add your social networks OAuth data.

At this moment command php artisan acacha:social will not check if you have already configured your social network so be carefull when executing this command in already configured projects (no errors will be thrown but you will have repeated data in your config files).


Please install AdminLTE Laravel:

composer global require "acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer"

This package also requires (all installed using composer):

See also related projects:

Social networks

Laravel social package support by default the following social networks:

  • Github
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Laravel social use Illuminate\Support\Manager so you can create your own driver and register the driver in LaravelSocialServiceProvider.

Please, if you create a new driver feel free to create a Pull Request.

You can enable/disable social providers easily. See following section.

Enable/disable social providers

At class LaravelSocialServiceProvider you can modify $enabled field to change enabled social providers. Also remember to changes your views to add/remove action/links to social auth.

Also you have to change static variable $socialNetworks in file ConfigureSocialServicesManager to add your extra social providers.


The cli wizard will propose you to go to page:

to register new OAuth Application.


The cli wizard will propose you to go to page:

to register new OAuth Application


The cli wizard will propose you to go to page:

to register new OAuth Application. Please remember to active Google+ API!.

More info at .


The cli wizard will propose you to go to page:

to register new OAuth Application. Retrieve your api keys at tab Keys and Access Tokens and remember to check Request email addresses from users checkbox active in Permissions tab.


The cli wizard will propose you to go to page:

to register new OAuth Application.

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


In your Laravel project execute:

$ phpunit tests/AcachaLaravelSocial.php


Please see CONTRIBUTING and CONDUCT for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.