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Based on i18next

Interpolate direct with ATK4 - Agile Toolkit Models

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install with composer :

composer require abbadon1334/atk4-i18next-php

All documentation about the original library can be found here :

How to use :

$this->translator = new Translator();

Define if filename will be used has namespace :


Define primary and fallback languages (using names of the folder) :


Add additional language :


Translate :

interface TranslatorInterface
     * Translates the given message.
     * @param string      $key
     * @param array|null  $parameters Array of parameters used to translate message
     * @param string|null $context
     * @param string|null $locale     The locale or null to use the default
     * @return string The translated string
    public function _(string $key, ?array $parameters = null, ?string $context = null, ?string $locale = null): string;

// Usage

$result = $this->translator->_('definitionKey');

$result = $this->translator->_('definitionKey', ['param1' => 'test']);

$result = $this->translator->_('definitionKey', ['param1' => 'test'], 'context');

$result = $this->translator->_('definitionKey', ['param1' => 'test'], 'context', 'specificLanguage');

$result = $this->translator->_('namespace:definitionKey', ['param1' => 'test'], 'context', 'specificLanguage');

Support I18Next
  • Read translations files from folder, every folder is a language code
    • JSON
    • YAML
    • PHP Array
  • Write translations files to a folder, every folder is a language code
    • JSON
    • YAML
    • PHP Array
  • Get a defined translation in primary language
    • If not found try in fallback language
      • If not found return original string
  • Namespaces
    • Get defined translation based on prioritized fallback namespaces
  • Context as {key}_{context}
  • Plurals
    • Singular as {key}
    • Plurals as {key}_plural
    • Multiple plurals as {key}_{int $counter}
      • Manage when $counter is bigger than max defined plurals
    • Nested interpolate plurals
    • Intervals
  • Interpolate
    • Replace {{key}} with defined $paramater value
      • If {{key}} has a point like {{key.index}} and $parameters[index] is an array or object will retrive the value
  • Nesting
    • Basic
    • Plurals
  • Formatting
  • Adding Helper for use method Translator::_ as global functions __
  • Adding Helper for use Translator as a global singleton instance
  • Collect missing requested keys
  • Adding Helper for search/collect calls to method Translator _ in code
  • Added direct translations using key as translation

Support ATK4 - Agile Toolkit Model
  • Interpolate with \atk4\data\Model