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Simple live support server with PHP Swoole Websocket and Telegram API.


Server Setup

  1. Clone repository with following command.
    git clone https://github.com/ademalidurmus/telgraf.git
  2. Enter project folder with cd telgraf command.
  3. Update initial credentials (BOT_TOKEN, APP_SECRET and APP_CHAT_IDS) from .env.example file via any text editor.
  4. You can use some makefile commands for configurations. Makefile commands like make [COMMAND], for details you can run make help.
    1. Use make env command for create environment file.

      You need update initial credentials from .env.example file before using makefile commands. If you were run make .env command, you may need update .env and .env.example files at the same times.

    2. Run make build for building telgraf application. This command also run composer install for dependency installation and serves the application.
    3. If you are already built app, and you need just serve app you can run make up. For restart app server you can run make restart, for stop app server you can also run make stop.
    4. For access to cli or container bash you can run make cli.
    5. make status command is shows containers status like docker ps. If you want to show telgraf logs you can use make logs command.
    6. make set_webhook command setting telegram bot webhook using defined environments.
    7. make delete_webhook command delete telegram bot webhook using defined environments.
    8. make clean command stops telgraf server, delete .env file and clear all log files.

Telegram Bot Commands

  • /start command is for the starting agent session to accept any client connections.
  • /stop command is for the stopping agent session.
  • /close command is for the stopping current client connection. The agent will continue to wait for any connection.
  • /add [CHAT_ID] command is used to add a new agent to the agent access control list.
  • /remove [CHAT_ID] command for removing the agent from the agent access control list.

API Docs


  • type: enum(message|info), action type
  • content: string, message text or action details
  • attributes: object, message attributes
    • attributes.name: string, client name

Sample websocket message history:

❌ Disconnected from wss://telgraf.durmus.me
⬇️ {"type":"info","content":"connection unassigned","attributes":[]}
⬆️ {"type":"message","content":"Test Client Message 2","attributes":{"name":"Client 1"}}
⬇️ {"type":"message","content":"Test Message 2","attributes":{"name":"Adem Ali D."}}
⬆️ {"type":"message","content":"Test Client Message 1","attributes":{"name":"Client 1"}}
⬇️ {"type":"message","content":"Test Message 1","attributes":{"name":"Adem Ali D."}}
⬇️ {"type":"info","content":"connection assigned","attributes":[]}
✔️ Connected to wss://telgraf.durmus.me