Packages tagged with regex

  • gherkins/regexpbuilderphp

    PHP port of thebinarysearchtree/regexpbuilderjs

  • ogoudat/ogoudat

    A set of basic utilities that makes PHP easier to deal with.

  • bike/router

    Regular expression based URL router

  • lucleroy/php-regex

    PHP Regular Expressions Builder

  • tonglil/localize

    A library to localize location-based attributes and coerce values into desired formats based on regular expressions.

  • nglasl/silverstripe-misdirection

    A module for SilverStripe which will allow both simple and regular expression link redirections based on customisable mappings, either hooking into a page not found or replacing the default automated URL handling.

  • regex-guard/regex-guard

    A wrapper that allows you to validate regular expressions and handle normally uncatchable PCRE compilation warnings

  • yuanqing/extract

    Sugar for getting data out of strings in PHP.

  • matmar10/msisdn-format-bundle

    Symfony bundle for mobile phone number and msisdn validation based on country

  • yuanqing/interpolate

    Simple string interpolation in PHP.

  • concerto/text-expressions

    Library of text expression engines, for searching, replacing and testing text.

  • pep/reverse-regex

    Convert Regular Expressions into text, for testing

  • matmar10/bitcoin-address-validator-bundle

    Symfony bundle for bitcoin address validation

  • cliffparnitzky/technical-value-regex

    Provides regular expressions for technical values, consisting of: letters (lower case / uper case / case insensitive), underscrores, digits ... No blank, special char or something else.

  • gobie/regex

    Regex is library containing lightweight wrappers around regular expression libraries and extensions for day to day use.