Razorpay PHP Client Library

1.2.8 2016-10-12 12:15 UTC


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Razorpay client PHP Api. The api follows the following practices:

  • namespaced under Razorpay\Api
  • call $api->class->function() to access the api
  • api throws exceptions instead of returning errors
  • options are passed as an array instead of multiple arguments wherever possible
  • All request and responses are communicated over JSON
  • A minimum of PHP 5.3 is required


  • If your project uses composer, add following to composer.json
    "require": {
        "razorpay/razorpay": "1.*"

Then, run composer update. If you are not using composer, download the latest release from the releases section. You should download the razorpay-php.zip file.

After that include Razorpay.php in your application and you can use the API as usual.


use Razorpay\Api\Api;

$api = new Api($api_key, $api_secret);
$api->payment->all($options); // Returns array of payment objects
$payment = $api->payment->fetch($id); // Returns a particular payment
$api->payment->fetch($id)->capture(array('amount'=>$amount)); // Captures a payment
$api->payment->fetch($id)->refund(); // Refunds a payment 
$api->payment->fetch($id)->refund(array('amount'=>$refundAmount)); // Partially refunds a payment

// To get the payment details
echo $payment->amount;
echo $payment->currency;
// And so on for other attributes

For further help, see our documentation on https://docs.razorpay.com.


See the doc.md file for getting started with development.


The Razorpay PHP SDK is released under the MIT License.


Steps to follow for a release:

  1. Merge the branch with the new code to master.
  2. Bump the Version in src/Api.php.
  3. Rename Unreleased to the new tag in CHANGELOG
  4. Fix links at bottom in CHANGELOG
  5. Commit
  6. Tag the release and push to GitHub
  7. Create a release on GitHub using the website with more details about the release