Twirfony is made up of two parts, codegen and a runtime Symfony bundle.

Code generation

Code generation is written as a protoc plugin in golang, because the go tooling for proto is fantastic.

To generate the twirp interfaces

go install ./protoc-gen-twirp_php
protoc --twirp_php_out src --php_out src haberdasher.proto

‼️ At 99designs you should use 99dev twirp generate {app} instead, and read the docs over at https://github.com/99designs/twirpgen


The runtime component is a Symfony bundle that allows you to mount classes implementing the generated twirp service interfaces directly into your router.

  1. Add a twirfony dependency
composer require 99designs/twirfony
  1. Register the bundle
class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        return [
            new Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle(),
            new AppBundle\AppBundle(),
            new Twirfony\TwirfonyBundle\TwirfonyBundle(), // add this line
  1. Register the router in routing.yml
    resource: 'twirp.service_registry:loadRoutes'
    type: service
    prefix: /twirp
  1. Create implement your twirp service
namespace AppBundle\Service;

use AppBundle\Twirp\HaberdasherInterface;
use AppBundle\Twirp\Hat;
use AppBundle\Twirp\Size;
use Twirfony\TwirpService;

class HaberdasherService implements TwirpService, HaberdasherInterface
    public function makeHat(Size $size): Hat
        return (new Hat)
  1. Register and tag your service
        class: AppBundle\Service\HaberdasherService
        tags: ['twirp.service']