Minimalist, thin and fast PSR-3 compliant (multi-bucket) logger.

3.0.7 2023-12-28 11:40 UTC


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This project is a detached fork of APIx Log as I wanted to add features and bug fixes not available in the original version.

Minimalist and fast PSR-3 compliant logger.

Feel free to comment, send pull requests and patches...


  composer require 8ctopus/apix-log

Basic usage

This simple logger is set to intercept all logs and display them in the console.

$console = (new Apix\Log\Logger\Stream('php://stdout'))
   ->setFormat(new Apix\Log\Format\ConsoleColors())
   ->notice('Running out of {items}', 'Running out of {items} - left {left}', [
      'items' => 'beers',
      'left' => 5,

[2023-03-20 08:01:25] NOTICE Running out of beers - left 5

Advanced usage ~ multi-logs dispatcher

Let's create an additional logger with purpose of catching log entries that have a severity level of warning or more.
See the log levels for the order.

$file = (new Apix\Log\Logger\File(__DIR__ . '/app.log'))
   // intercept logs that are >= `warning`
   // propagate to other loggers
   // postpone writing logs to file
   // flush logs to file once 100 logs are collected
  • setCascading() set to true (default: true) so the entries caught here continue downstream past that particular logger.\
  • setDeferred() was set to true (default: false) so processing happens when:
    • setDeferredTrigger is reached
    • flushDeferredLogs is called
    • __destruct (end of script generally)

Now, let's create a main logger object and inject the two previous loggers.

$logger = new Apix\Log\Logger([$console, $file]);

Finally, let's push some log entries:

$exception = new \Exception('Boo!');

// handled by all loggers
$logger->critical('OMG saw {bad-exception}', ['bad-exception' => $exception]);

// push an object (or array) directly

// handled by console logger
$logger->info('Testing a var {my_var}', ['my_var' => [...]]);

Log levels

The eight RFC 5424 levels of logs are supported, in cascading order:

Severity Description
Emergency System level failure (not application level)
Alert Failure that requires immediate attention
Critical Serious failure at the application level
Error Runtime errors, used to log unhandled exceptions
Warning May indicate that an error will occur if action is not taken
Notice Events that are unusual but not error conditions
Info Normal operational messages (no action required)
Debug Verbose info useful to developers for debugging purposes (default)


APIx Log is licensed under the New BSD license -- see the LICENSE.txt for the full license details.


  • compare only log entry vs master branch
  • fix demo colors in branch only log entry if faster
  • should Logger inherit from AbstractLogger?
  • add html formatting for emails
  • change context logging
  • add log line?