Cloud request engine for 51Degrees Pipeline API - Used to send requests to the 51Degrees cloud service

4.4.2 2022-05-24 17:22 UTC


51Degrees PHP Pipeline API

Developer Documentation


This project contains the source code for the CloudrequestEngine for the PHP implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.

The Pipeline is a generic micro-services aggregation solution with the ability to add a range of 51Degrees and/or custom plug ins (Engines)


To run the tests in this repository, make sure PHPUnit is installed then, in the root of this repo, call:

phpunit --log-junit test-results.xml


When making changes to this repository, it may be necessary to link to a local development version of pipeline dependencies. For information on this, see Composer local path.

For exmaple, if a development version of 51degrees/fiftyone.pipeline.core was stored locally, the location would be added with:

"repositories": [
		"type": "path",
		"url": "../../path/to/packages/pipeline-php-core"

then the dependency changed to:

"51degrees/fiftyone.pipeline.core": "*"