Engines shared functionality library for 51Degrees Pipeline API. 2024-02-16 02:39 UTC


51Degrees PHP Pipeline API

Developer Documentation


This project contains the source code for the 'engines' functionality for the PHP implementation of the 51Degrees Pipeline API.


To run the tests in this repository, make sure PHPUnit is installed then, in the root of this repo, call:

phpunit --fail-on-warning --display-warnings --log-junit test-results.xml


When making changes to pipeline.php.engines repository, it may be necessary to link to a local development version of pipeline dependencies. For information on this, see Composer local path.

For exmaple, if a development version of 51degrees/fiftyone.pipeline.core was stored locally, the location would be added with:

"repositories": [
		"type": "path",
		"url": "../../path/to/packages/pipeline-php-core"

then the dependency changed to:

"51degrees/fiftyone.pipeline.core": "*"