Smart Gamma PHP Cli Quality Tool

1.0.0 2018-08-23 12:51 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-23 03:38:52 UTC


The interactive tool will allow project's team to keep common development code style standards based on pre-commit git hook

The tool allows automaticly add git pre-commit hook to local dev machine and runs set of quality assertions:

  • PHPLint
  • php-cs-fixer
  • PhpSpec
  • PhpUnit (TODO)
  • Commit message has Jira feature number i.e AB-123 (TODO)

As additional feature it allows use php-cs-fixer with auto fix of commited files


composer require --dev 421p/php-quality-tool-cli



Available options:

--config-folder # Folder that contains config file.
--config-file # Name of config file.
--no-commit-autofixed # Disables adding autofixed files to commit


Config example

# config.yml

phpmd: true
lint: true
phpcs: true
phpcs_standard: PSR2
phpfixer: true
phpfixer_standard: Symfony
phpspec: false
self_fix: true
exclude_dirs: /app/bin

PHPCS & php-cs-fixer

Will initiate assertions and if violations in code style will be found in the files applied in commit it will prompt to autofix these violations and rescan files. Autofixed files will be automaticly added to the latest commit if no --no-commit-autofixed option is submitted.


The tool will scan PhpMD warning, but won't block the commit, but will output the list and prompt to rescan your commited file if you want to fix via IDE some indicated warnings.


Option --no-commit-autofixed is useful when quality tool is invoked by git hook but running inside docker container Otherwise, 2 git processes may conflict.