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Two Rivers Marketing

About Craft CMS

Craft is a content-first CMS that aims to make life enjoyable for developers and content managers alike. It is optimized for bespoke web and application development, offering developers a clean slate to build out exactly what they want, rather than wrestling with a theme.

Learn more about Craft at craftcms.com.


Community Resources

Notable Plugins

  • SEOMatic - A turnkey SEO implementation for Craft CMS that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible.
  • Neo - Neo is a Craft CMS field type that builds upon the concept of the Matrix field type with a number of very useful features. Neo has been carefully crafted (pun intended) to ensure it matches the look and feel of Craft.
  • Retour - Retour allows you to intelligently redirect legacy URLs, so that you don't lose SEO value when rebuilding & restructuring a website.

Front-end developent

From the project root, run npm install to install project dependencies.

To run static builds grunt static

Server deployment scripts: grunt build-static

This project uses Grunt to build and compile css and javascript assets. To build the project, from the _src directory run grunt to build & watch css, js & twig file(s).

Notable Packages

Included Javascript Libraries

Craft development

Make a copy of local.env and rename to .env. Configure accordingly; this file is not checked into version control.

From project root, run composer install

Create local copy of Database and import most recent database found in _src/_db

For craft development: grunt dev

Server deployment scripts: grunt prod

Database location


Server Environments


Craft Admin Account:

Username: support@2rm.com Password: 2rmdev