A Craft CMS plugin to create navigation menus for your site.

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Navigation is a Craft CMS plugin to help manage navigation menus for you site. Supports linking to existing elements like entries, categories and products, as well as custom URLs.


  • Create multiple navigations
  • Create navigation nodes for entries, assets, categories and Commerce products
  • Create custom URLs
  • Enable/disable, open links in a new window, or apply additional CSS classes
  • Automatically updates nodes when linked elements status or title changes
  • Navigation nodes are elements for flexible querying
  • Support for third-party elements with hooks
  • Support for multi-site navigations
  • Simple render() Twig function, or roll your own
  • Generate breadcrumbs easily based on your URL segments
  • Tool to migrate your menus if you've used A&M Nav for Craft 2 or Navee for Craft 2



Visit the Navigation Plugin page for all documentation, guides, pricing and developer resources.


Get in touch with us via the Navigation Support page or by creating a Github issue