Cashier Fastspring is a cashier-like laravel package which provides an interface to Fastspring subscription and payment services.

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Laravel Cashier Fastspring

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Cashier Fastspring is a cashier-like laravel package which provides interface to Fastspring subscription and payment services. This package handles webhooks and provides a simple API for Fastspring. Before using this package, looking at Fastspring documentation is strongly recommended.


Add 22digital/laravel-cashier-fastspring package to your dependencies.

composer require "22digital/laravel-cashier-fastspring"

After requiring package, add service provider of this package to providers in config/app.php.

'providers' => array(
    // ...



Cashier Fastspring package comes with database migrations. After requiring the package, you can publish it with following command.

php artisan vendor:publish

After publishing them, you can find migration files in your database/migrations folder. Remember that you can modify them according to your needs.

Billable Model

Next, add the Billable trait to your model definition. This trait provides various methods to allow you to perform common billing tasks, such as creating and checking subscriptions, getting orders etc.

use Laravel\Cashier\Billable;

class User extends Authenticatable
    use Billable;

API Keys

You should add Fastspring configuration to config/services.php file.

'fastspring' => [
    'model' => App\User::class,
    'username' => env('FASTSPRING_USERNAME'),
    'password' => env('FASTSPRING_PASSWORD'),
    'store_id' => env('FASTSPRING_STORE_ID'),

    // strongly recommend to set hmac secret in webhook configuration
    // to prevent webhook spoofing
    'hmac_secret' => env('FASTSPRING_HMAC_SECRET')

Webhook Route

Fastspring can notify your application of a variety of events via webhooks. To handle webhooks, define a route and also set it in Fastspring settings.


Webhooks & CSRF Protection

Fastspring webhook requests need to bypass CSRF protection. That's why be sure to list your webhook URI as an exception in your VerifyCsrfToken middleware.

protected $except = [

Creating Plans

This package does not cover creating plans at Fastspring side or storing created plans. You should create your subscription plans at Fastspring's Dashboard.

Quick Start

Cashier Fastspring comes with built-in listeners which you can find in src/Events for quickstart. These listeners help you to sync subscriptions and invoices with your database.

Remember that you can create and use your listeners and database structure according to your needs. In order to customize, you can check Usage.

In Cashier Fastspring, every webhook request fires related events. You can register listeners to webhook events in app/providers/EventServiceProvider.php. You can see more at Webhooks.

protected $listen = [
    // some others
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionCanceled' => [
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionDeactivated' => [
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionPaymentOverdue' => [
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderCompleted' => [
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionActivated' => [
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionChargeCompleted' => [

You should create a session for subscription payment page. You can do it with newSubscription method as below.

// we create session and return it to frontend to care
$builder = Auth::user()->newSubscription('default', $selectedPlan);
$session = $builder->create();

You can provide session id $session->id to Fastspring's Popup Storefronts or Web Storefronts.

Note: newSubscription method does not create a subscription model. After a successful payment, you can use webhooks or browser script to inform your app and create related models.


Cashier Fastspring comes with ready-to-use Subscription, Subscription Period, Invoice models and webhook handler. You can find detailed explanation below. Remember that you can easily replace these models and logic with yours.


Cashier Fastspring provides a local type of subscription which lets you to create subscriptions without interacting with Fastspring. This may help you to create plans without payment info required. If a subscription has no fastspring_id, it is typed as local. You can check type using type(), isLocal(), isFastspring() methods.

Creating Subscriptions

To create a subscription, you can use newSubscription method of the Billable model. After creating session, you can provide session id $session->id to Fastspring's Popup Storefronts or Web Storefronts.

// we create session and return it to frontend to care
$builder = Auth::user()->newSubscription('default', $selectedPlan);
$session = $builder->create();

You can also provide coupon or quantity. As a hint, coupons also can be set on Fastspring's payment pages.

$builder = Auth::user()->newSubscription('default', $selectedPlan)
    ->quantity(1); // yeap no ticket for returning
$session = $builder->create();

If the Billable model is not created as Fastspring customer yet newSubscription model creates it automatically and saves fastspring_id. If you want to do this manually you can use createAsFastspringCustomer method.

$apiResponse = Auth::user()->createAsFastspringCustomer();

If details of a Billable model is updated, you can also update them at Fastspring side with updateAsFastspringCustomer method.

$apiResponse = Auth::user()->updateAsFastspringCustomer();

Checking Subscription Status

At Fastspring side, there are 5 states for subscriptions: active, overdue, canceled, deactivated, trial. The only state you should give up to serve your customer is deactivated state. Others are just informative states. Cashier Fastspring package keeps synchronized state of subscriptions with webhooks.

You can check if you should still serve to the Billable model by using subscribed method.

if ($user->subscribed('default')) {

You can retrieve related subscription model by using subscription method and use methods of Subscription methods to check its status.

$subscription = $user->subscription('default');

// check if you should serve or not

// check if its state is active

// check if its state is deactived

// check if its state is overdue

// alias: onTrial(). check if its state is trial

// alias: canceled(), onGracePeriod(). check if its state is canceled

You can use the subscribedToPlan method to check if the user is subscribed to a given plan.

if ($user->subscribedToPlan('monthly', 'default')) {

Changing Plans

You can change current plan of a Billable model by using swap method as below. Before using this, it is recommended to look at Prorating when Upgrading or Downgrading Subscription Plans.

$user = App\User::find(1);

$user->subscription('default')->swap('provider-plan-id', $prorate, $quantity, $coupons);

The swap method communicates with Fastspring and updates the subscription model according to response. If you plan to swap plan without prorating, plan doesn't change immediately. In that case, future plan and swap date are saved to swap_to and swap_at columns. End of the current subscription period, Fastspring sends you webhook request about subscription change. That's why if you think to use prorating, remember to set webhooks right.

Subscription Trials

You can handle trial days of your plans at Fastspring Dashboard.

Cancelling Subscriptions

To cancel a subscription, call the cancel method on the subscription model.


If you want to cancel a subscription immediately, you can use cancelNow method.


Both methods update the subscription model according to response of Fastspring. The cancel method saves cancellation time to the swap_at column.

Resuming Subscriptions

To resume a subscription, you can use resume method on the subscription model. The user must be still on grace period. Otherwise, this method throws a LogicException.


This method updates the subscription model's state and set swap_to, swap_at columns null according to response.

Subscription Period

Cashier Fastspring package has also built-in subscription period model and related methods in order to help you to manage payment periods of subscription. This may help you to keep usage of particular resources of users between payment periods.

You can call activePeriodOrCreate method of Subscription model and retrieve current SubscriptionPeriod model which involves id, start_date, end_date information. If the current active period is not created yet, this method fetches it from Fastspring API and creates. If the subscription is a local subscription, it also creates a new period according to the last subscription period (if there is none, it assumes today is the start day of the subscription period).

$activePeriod = $user->subscription('default')->activePeriodOrCreate();

// if you don't want to create an active subscription period immediately when no exist
// you can use activePeriod method as below
// you can set a cron job for creation of new periods
// or do it in your way
$activePeriod = $user->subscription('default')->activePeriod();

Updating Credit Cards

Fastspring does not provide any API to update credit card or any other payment information directly. You should redirect your customers to the their account management panel at Fastspring side. You can generate account management panel URL by using accountManagementURI method of the Billable model.

$redirectURI = $user->accountManagementURI();


Cashier Fastspring package provides an easy way to handle webhooks. It fires related events for each webhook request and provides request payload data as a parameter. It also handles message security if you set FASTSPRING_HMAC_SECRET. You can find sample listeners in src/Listeners folder.

Beside webhook specific events, there are also category and any events. For instance, if you want to listen all webhook requests, you can register your listener to TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any event. Also, if you want to listen all subscription related webhook requests, you can use TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny event.

You can see relation between package events and webhook requests at the table below.

Webhook Request Fired Cashier Fastspring Events
account.created TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\AccountCreated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\AccountAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
fulfillment.failed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\FulfillmentFailed, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\FulfillmentAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
mailingListEntry.removed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\MailingListEntryRemoved, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\MailingListEntryAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
mailingListEntry.updated TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\MailingListEntryUpdated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\MailingListEntryAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
order.approval.pending TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderApprovalPending, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
order.canceled TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderCanceled, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
order.payment.pending TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderPaymentPending, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
order.completed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderCompleted, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
order.failed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderFailed, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\OrderAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
payoutEntry.created TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\PayoutEntryCreated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\PayoutEntryAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
return.created TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\ReturnCreated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\ReturnAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.activated TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionActivated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.canceled TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionCanceled, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.charge.completed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionChargeCompleted, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.charge.failed TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionChargeFailed, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.deactivated TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionDeactivated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.payment.overdue TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionPaymentOverdue, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.payment.reminder TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionPaymentReminder, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.trial.reminder TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionTrialReminder, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any
subscription.updated TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionUpdated, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionAny, TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\Any

To listen an event, you can register listeners in app/providers/EventServiceProvider.php.

protected $listen = [
    // some others
    'TwentyTwoDigital\CashierFastspring\Events\SubscriptionCanceled' => [

Single Charges

Not implemented yet. If you need it you can contribute to the package. Please check Contributing.


In Fastspring, invoices are generated by Fastspring. You don't need to generate official or unofficial invoices. If you are using default webhook listeners, your invoices will be sync to your database. You can get invoices URL with the Invoice model or over the Billable trait.


Thank you for considering contributing to the Cashier Fastspring. You can read the contribution guide lines here. You can also check issues to improve this package.


Cashier Fastspring package is developed by Bilal Gultekin over Taylor Otwell's Cashier package. You can see all contributors here.


Cashier Fastspring is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.