Service-oriented WeMonIt API for Symfony2 applications

dev-master 2014-01-13 06:55 UTC



The 20steps WeMonIt Bundle provides a Service-oriented API for Symfony2 applications that need to interact with the WeMonIt monitoring service.

For further information about WeMonIt goto http://www.wemonit.de.


  • WeMonIt accessible as a configurable Symfony2 service.
  • Complete API for WeMonIt.
  • Configurable caching of responses to prevent surpassing rate limit.
  • Provide some derived KPIs.
  • Full documentation and some examples.
  • Prepare for open sourcing of 20steps control.


Require the bundle by adding the following entry to the respective section of your composer.json:

"20steps/wemonit-bundle": "dev-master"

Get the bundle via packagist from GitHub by calling:

php composer.phar update 20steps/wemonit-bundle

Register the bundle in your application by adding the following line to the registerBundles() method of your AppKernel.php:

new twentysteps\Bundle\WeMonItBundle\twentystepsWeMonItBundle()

Register services provided by the bundle by adding the following line to the imports section of your config.yml:

- { resource: "@twentystepsWeMonItBundle/Resources/config/services.yml" }

Define the following properties in your parameters.yml:

  • twentysteps_wemonit.url - URL of the WeMonIt API - normally should point to "https://wemonit.de/api/".
  • twentysteps_wemonit.api_key - API key of your account at WeMonIt.
  • twentysteps_wemonit.timeout - Timeout in seconds to apply on calls of the WeMonIt API - you should use 10.
  • twentysteps_wemonit.connect_timeout - Connect timeout in seconds to apply on calls to the WeMonIt API - you should use 5.
  • twentysteps_wemonit.cache_ttl - Cache TTL to apply on responses of the WeMonIt API - you should use 3600.


  • Get reference to the WeMonIt service either by adding @twentysteps_wemonit.service as a dependency in your service or by explicitely getting the service from the container during runtime e.g. by calling $this->get('twentysteps_wemonit.service') in the action of your controller.
  • Call any public function provided by Services/WeMonItService.php e.g. getServices() to get the monitoring services listed in WeMonIt.


This version is not yet complete or usable.


Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen (hhva@20steps.de).