Symfony bundle with static helper functions for checking coding pre-/post-conditions

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The 20steps Commons Ensure Bundle contains static helper functions for checking coding pre-/post-conditions. The check helps to fail early with a EnsureException in the case of missmatched assertions with a meaningful sprintf format message. In comparison to PHP's assert() command, the ensure checks are always enabled.

The 20steps Commons Ensure Bundle is licensed under the LGPL license version 3.0 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html).


  1. Add the bundle to your composer.json and download a matching version by calling
composer require 20steps/common-ensure-bundle

Prerequisite: Install Composer, the dependency manager used by modern PHP applications.


The following code shows some simple method call using the Ensure Bundle.


use twentysteps\Commons\EnsureBundle\Ensure;

class Foo {

    private $name;

    public function bar($entityName, $num) {
        $this->name = Ensure::isNotEmpty($entityName, 'entityName must not be empty');
        Ensure::isGreaterThan(0, $num, 'num must be positive for entityName [%s]', $entityName);
        // do some stuff...


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