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HTTP Header wrapper.

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1.0.0 2014-10-30 03:59 UTC

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HTTP Header wrapper.


The objective of this library is to provide a test-ready alternative to PHP's default header() interface. Instead of sending headers directly, you can add them to PHP using this library. Additionally, you can easily mock this library in your own projects to fully decouple code from PHP primitives.


This module can be easily installed by adding 10up/http to your composer.json file. Then, either autoload your Composer dependencies or manually include() the HTTP.php bootstrap file.


Rather than invoking PHP's header() method directly, simply call \TenUp\HTTP\v1_0_0\add() to add new headers. This allows you to specify a key, a value, and flag whether or not to overwrite existing values.

All headers loaded into the system will be sent to the browser when WordPress invokes it's usual send_headers action; there is no other work you need to do on your own.



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