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Bundle for symfony2 console command shortcuts.

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DevShortcutsBundle is a symfony2 bundle that allows you to run often used console commands with shortcuts. During development you always need to clear caches, reset the database, dump/watch the assets etc. With the DevShortcutsBundle you can easily run this commands faster.

##Basic docs



composer require 0s1r1s/dev-shortcuts-bundle

##Configuration Register the bundle:

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
		// ...
		new Osiris\Bundle\DevShortcutsBundle\OsirisDevShortcutsBundle(),
	// ...

If you want to use the "d" shortcut you need to set the path to your data fixtures in your config.yml:

# app/config/config.yml
    path_to_fixtures: "./src/Path/ToYourBundle/DataFixtures"

##Usage E.g. the normal command to watch the assets

php app/console assetic:dump --watch

Same command with DevShortcutsBundle would be:

php app/console dev aw
sf dev aw

sf is an alias for php app/console. This alias needs to be configured by you. If you are using a linux distribution just edit .bash_aliases in you home folder or create it if it doesn't exist. You only need to add a line as the following:

alias sf="php app/console"

Or if you want the alias to point to a specific project:

alias sf="php /path/to/your/symfony-project/app/console"

For Windows it's different. Plain DOS doesn't have support for aliases. You can use 4dos / 4nt, Cygwin or something similar to setup aliases.

##Shortcut list The full list of Shortcuts you can use:

Shortcut Original command Usage
cc cache:clear Clear cache
ai assets:install Install assets
ad assetic:dump Dump assets
aw assetic:dump --watch Watch assets
a Install & dump assets (ai + ad combination)
dd doctrine:database:drop --force Drop database
dc doctrine:database:create Create database
sd doctrine:schema:drop --force Drop database schema
sc doctrine:schema:create Create database schema
dform doctrine:fixtures:load --fixtures=./src/BundlePath/DataFixtures/ORM Load ORM DataFixtures
dfenv doctrine:fixtures:load --append --fixtures=./src/BundleName/DataFixtures/dev Load environment related DataFixtures
d Reloads the database: Drop database scheme, create scheme, load orm + env data fixtures (sd, sc, dform, dfenv shortcut combination)

You can also use sf dev --help to get the full list of commands.