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    Simple blog package (with admin panel) for Laravel. Includes all views, controllers, routes and can add a blog to any existing Laravel app. Fully customisable blog (view, urls, and many other options). Includes image uploads and a pretty admin interface to manage your blog. Defaults to /blog but you can change it to anything.

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    Simple contact form to quickly add to your laravel project. Fully customisable, includes all views, routes and controllers. Also includes anti-spam (with recaptcha). You can also have multiple contact forms on one Laravel site.

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    Easily add a unique Id field to your Laravel eloquent models. Every time you create a new eloquent model in Laravel that uses this trait, it will automatically set a unique id column

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    A simple package to help with debugging SOAP client requests in PHP

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    A Laravel command to show any current users that your site will be going down for maintenance soon. Use this 10-15 minutes before you run php artisan down, so any logged in users know to save their documents etc.