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vaimo's packages

  • PHP


    Utility for downloading Chrome Driver binary for current os/platform

  • PHP


    Utility for downloading Microsoft Edge Driver binary with browser version detection

  • PHP


    Utility for downloading GeckoDriver (Firefox automation) binary for current os/platform

  • PHP


    A Composer package which installs the PhantomJS binary (Linux, Windows, Mac) into `bin` of your project

  • PHP


    Provide information about package changes based on changelog files that are bundled with releases; provide tools for generating documentation files from changelog sources

  • PHP


    Applies a patch from a local or remote file to any package that is part of a given composer project. Patches can be defined both on project and on package level. Optional support for patch versioning, sequencing, custom patch applier configuration and patch command for testing/troubleshooting added patches.

  • PHP


    Allow packages to be installed from a repository or tarball bundle that have multiple packages in the sub-folders

  • vaimo/magento-composer-plugin

    Implements common functionality that is useful when managing a Composer project that includes any edition of Magento 2

  • PHP


    Provides automatic admin login on Magento projects; Useful addition when working with a project locally (should be used only as require-dev)

  • PHP


    High-Performance TopSort/Dependency resolving algorithm (compatibility version to work with 5.3)

  • PHP


    General-issue library that enables building any kind of WebDriver binary downloader