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    BetterDOMDocument is a handy PHP utility class for working with XML. It's a wrapper for PHP's built in DOMDocument that provides a bunch of nice shortcuts that makes working with XML in PHP a breeze. It has great built-in support for namespaces, and xpath.

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    Convert Drupal 8 Cache objects to PSR-16 compliant cache objects

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    GeoPHP is a open-source native PHP library for doing geometry operations. It is written entirely in PHP and can therefore run on shared hosts. It can read and write a wide variety of formats: WKT (including EWKT), WKB (including EWKB), GeoJSON, KML, GPX, GeoRSS). It works with all Simple-Feature geometries (Point, LineString, Polygon, GeometryCollection etc.) and can be used to get centroids, bounding-boxes, area, and a wide variety of other useful information.