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  • PHP


    The HelloBar TYPO3 Extension is a valuable tool for configuring and designing messages on your website. It provides tools and services to schedule messages for your guests exactly when you want them to see the messages. With Hello Bar, you can attract guests to your website and improve user engagement.

  • JavaScript


    This TYPO3 Maintenance extension will help you with simple plug & play which have a special TYPO3 Page & TYPO3 Template. It would be useful on criteria like to set Site Coming to Soon Page, Maintenance of Site, Offline while Upgrading your site, etc.

  • HTML


    Are you in need of a TYPO3 Extension that offers features such as system information reporting, statistical analysis of TYPO3 extensions, downloadable compatibility options, and more? TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report, tailored to meet your specific requirements!

  • PHP


    The All in One TYPO3 Chat Extension is the only TYPO3 extension that helps to integrate the most popular chat tools directly into your website. With this extension, you can easily connect various live chat tools such as,,, and more.

  • JavaScript


    Introducing the TYPO3 All-in-One Extension, a plugin that effortlessly integrates popular jQuery slider plugins into your website with just a few clicks! Enjoy a range of slider options including Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Sliderjs Slider, and more.

  • JavaScript


    TYPO3 Slider Extension - All In One TYPO3 Slider Extension. Experience the power of this versatile TYPO3 slider plugin, integrating the most popular jQuery slider plugins seamlessly into your website. With configurable options for Nivo Slider, Royal Slider, Owlcarousel, Sliderjs Slider, and more.

  • PHP


    Easily backup your entire TYPO3 website. The Backup Plus extension for TYPO3 lets you save your code, files, and database with just a few clicks. Install Backup Plus and connect it to your cloud storage (like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, SFTP, Rsync, etc.).

  • nitsan/ns-basetheme

    The architecture of parent/child TYPO3 theme concept. Explore and

  • PHP


    The TYPO3 Cloudflare Extension simplifies cache management, offering an efficient solution for TYPO3 administrators and developers. Seamlessly integrating with Cloudflare, a global leader in web performance and security, this extension provides advanced features to optimize, secure, and structure your online presence.Compatible with TYPO3 version 12.

  • PHP


    The TYPO3 Comment Extension simplifies the process for visitors to leave comments on your website's published pages. It utilizes nested comments to create a user-friendly experience. Admins receive email notifications, allowing them to easily manage comments either through email or the backend.

  • PHP


    The GDPR Compliant TYPO3 Extension aids publishers, technology vendors, and advertisers in complying with GDPR and ePrivacy Directive regulations by ensuring transparency and obtaining user consent. T3Planet has developed a TYPO3 CMS extension to seamlessly integrate Cookiebot, one of the most popular solutions for managing cookies.

  • JavaScript


    Easily install and configure simple cookie-bar to make GDPR compliant your TYPO3 site.

  • PHP


    Implement GDPR/EPR Compliant at your TYPO3 website with our TYPO3 Cookiyes Extension. Ensuring Data & Cookie Protection on your website with ns_cookiyes extension.

  • PHP


    Using the TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension you can connect DISQUS comments plugin into your website. This extension adds a DISQUS comments section to TYPO3 pages, allowing users to comment using their favorite social networks. Users can receive notifications about new replies, share messages, and engage with your content.

  • SCSS


    Event Manager is a full-featured events management extension that lets you create multiple events and get them listed on your website. Event Manager provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly create and customize events.