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  • dominikweber/html-minifier

    This extension minifies the output of TYPO3 generated pages.

  • Shell


    TYPO3 Sitepackage

  • PHP


    A simple module for managing job offers.Still its pibase no re-write done. Working fine with TYPO3 8.7.14

  • PHP


    CSS based, XHTML and accessibility compliant implementation of the FILELINKS cObject.

  • PHP


    User registration and edit plugin, fully configurable, custom validators, autologin, double-opt-in, admin approval, IRRE configuration, resend activation mail, redirect features, support for saltedpasswords, support for salesforce. More to come!

  • Perl


    Includes the AWStats logfile analyzer as a backend module. Requires ext retrostats. Supports cron, reverse DNS lookups and ics_web_awstats.

  • PHP


    This plugin allows to modify the number of files allowed on a filelink content element.

  • PHP


    Allows to have non-FAL Media Content Elements like Video and Audio, behaves like TYPO3 4.x and TYPO3 6.x, but acts as compatibility layer for TYPO3 CMS 7.

  • PHP


    This extension copies the exact functionality for writing the Apache-style log files as used to be part of the core until v4.7. The only issue to take care of is to add the [FE][logfile_dir] setting in AdditionalConfiguration.php instead of LocalConfiguration because the Install tool will remove it otherwise.

  • PHP


    Extends the l10nmgr for Gridelements Individual FlexForm configuration. Now you can Translate Every Gridelemnts Field from Input-Text to tt_content.