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Extends the l10nmgr for Gridelements Individual FlexForm configuration. Now you can Translate Every Gridelemnts Field from Input-Text to tt_content.

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dev-master 2018-05-10 11:42 UTC

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The extension expands the Basic l10nmgr Plugin. Now you can define as many gridelements separated FlexForms as you need and translate them all without any problems.

Why we expand

Each Grid-System was not a Problem because the default plugin only exports the regular tt_content fields from an element. But we have defined for our customers individual FlexForms, for example for Slider, flipping objects, modals and many more, which were not translated. Also parts were missing, so we decided to expand the extension.


You can export all fields from your gridelements and import them as an Translation. You can't import the translation as the default language, we haven't don that yet. But if you need that feature simply give us feedback and we will implement it soon.


If you have installed the plugin you, can set some config's in the extension manager. The dfault values are empty. In the configuration the Exclude is always leading.


In this field you can do an limited export of gridelements. For example if you have 5 gridelements and only one of them has FlexForm fields to translate. Add the name of that FlexForm and only this one will be added to the export.


The fields which are defined as exkluded will not be considered in the FlexForms for the export. For example if you have five gridelements and only one of them has no FlexForm fields to translate. Add the name of that FlexForm field and only this one will no be considered for the Export.

FlexForm-Field Include

This field can define which field of the FlexForm ist added to the export. So you can decide which field needs to be translated.

For Example:
this means that only the Headline-Field of the Flip-FlexForm will be exported.

You also can place an * as a wildcard to the config:
Now there will be all Headlines from all FlexForms exported.

FlexForm-Field Exclude

This field can be used to exclude specific FlexForm-Fields from the export.

For Example:
Now the Direction field of the Flip-FlexForm will not be exported.

You also can place an * as a wildcard to the config:
Now will be all css-fields not be exported.

Wildcard Pattern

You can't use an * as placeholder, it is only defined as Wildcard syntax.

Please give us feedback

Now we want to share our work with you. We would appreciate any kind of feedback or ideas for further developments to keep improving the extension for your needs.

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