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dljoseph's packages

  • PHP


    SilverStripe Custom Error Page Module. Select any template to use as a custom error page.

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    Set the Application Name and Link, Change the CMS Logo and Loading Screen Image and choose to show or hide the Help and Report Admin link from the CMS Settings.

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    SilverStripe Fix JPEG Orientation Module. Ensures that JPEG images uploaded from a mobile are rotated and saved upright according their orientation value for consistent viewing when displayed on a web page.

  • PHP


    Font Awesome Icon Picker for SilverStripe 3.1.x based on http://mjolnic.com/fontawesome-iconpicker

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    SilverStripe Maintenance Mode Module. Allows an administrator to put site in offline mode with 503 status to display a 'Coming Soon', 'Under Construction' or 'Down for Maintenance' Page to regular visitors, whilst allowing a logged in admin user to browse and make changes to the site.