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byjg's packages

  • PHP


    A data abstraction layer in PHP for access read and write Relational Databases, No Sql, Text, Xml, Json, SparQl and others

  • PHP


    A simple and customizable class for enable user authentication inside your application. It is available on XML files, Relational Databases and Moodle.

  • byjg/beansqueueclient

    Beansqueue client is a client to connect to a beanstalk queue.

  • byjg/beansqueueworker

    Beansqueue worker consumes payloads from a beanstalk queue

  • PHP


    A multi-purpose cache engine PSR-6 and PSR-16 implementation with several drivers.

  • PHP


    A very basic and minimalist PSR-11 implementation for config management and dependency injection.

  • PHP


    A lightweight utility for string conversion between text from UTF8 to a lot of formats and vice-versa.

  • PHP


    A generic repository for implement cryptographic algorithms with a customizable strong key generator.

  • PHP


    O Fonema BR tem por objetivo criar uma simplificação de palavras de tal forma que erros de ortografia e vogais não interfiram na busca

  • PHP


    A wrapper collection for GD library in PHP.

  • PHP


    JwtSession is a PHP session replacement. Instead of use FileSystem, just use JWT TOKEN. The implementation following the SessionHandlerInterface.

  • PHP


    A very simple wrapper for create, encode, decode JWT Tokens and abstract the PHP JWT Component

  • PHP


    A lightweight wrapper for send mail. The interface is tottaly decoupled from the sender. The sender availables are: PHP Mailer, AWS SES Api, Mandril Api.

  • PHP


    A micro framework for create a very simple decoupled ORM (sqlite, mysql, postgres, sqlserver)

  • PHP


    Simple library in PHP for database version control. Supports Sqlite, MySql, Sql Server and Postgres.