alexfraundorf-com member since: Apr 23, 2013

alexfraundorf-com's packages

  • awsp/ship

    A shipping abstraction library written in PHP

  • snap/archersay

    A fun and NSFW CLI program with sassy quotes from TV's Archer in the style of cowsay.

  • snap/arduino-php

    Version 0.1 Class to interact with Arduino boards.

  • PHP


    A simple PHP class for getting chapter and verse data on the books of the Bible.

  • snap/bobsay

    A fun example CLI program with friendly quotes from Bob in the style of cowsay.

  • snap/data-objects

    The Snap Data Object library provides object templates for commonly used data sets. They provide getter, setter and validation methods and can be extended to add additional functionality.

  • snap/email-adapter

    An easy to use package of adapters to create a unified interface for multiple email libraries including PHPMailer and SwiftMailer.

  • snap/flysystem

    An extension of League Flysystem adding functionality and easier use.

  • snap/say

    The Snap Say package provides an interface and abstract class to easily create cowsay style CLI applications in PHP.