A simple PHP class for getting chapter and verse data on the books of the Bible.

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06/20/2015 - version 0.1.1

This is a class containing an array of the books of the Bible with the number of chapters and verses in each along with some useful methods.


Simply add "snap/bible-books": "0.1.*" to your composer.json file or download and manually require the file. Note: You will also need to add "minimum-stability": "dev" to your composer.json file.

Simple Usage:

// require the class file if you aren't using an autoloader
// create the object
$BibleBooks = new \Snap\BibleBooks\BibleBooks();
// get an array of the books
$books = $BibleBooks->getArrayOfBooks(); // a big array
// get the number of chapters in a book
$number_of_chapters = $BibleBooks->getNumberOfChapters('John'); // 21
// get an array of the chapters for a book
$chapters = $BibleBooks->getArrayOfChapters('John'); // a small array
// get the number of verses in a book's chapter
$number_of_verses = $BibleBooks->getNumberOfVerses('John', 3); // 36

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Thanks, enjoy, happy PHPing and God bless,

Alex Fraundorf